Importance of SEO

As difficult as it sounds, SEO is only abbreviation of Search engine optimization. Its main focus is on growing visibility in search engine results. SEO is both fundamental and essential as it will help you with having the best possible position in search results. It is true that not only search engines can navigate users to your website (social media and other types of traffic works as well) but if search engines are not able to find your website and add your content to their database, you´re missing out a big one. Continue reading “Importance of SEO”

Shipping and logistics

There are many ways of transporting your goods. Nevertheless, Brookstep can be useful in finding the best suitable option for your company needs as we can provide you with price comparison for different means of transport. In all probability you´ve already got acquainted with all of them if you´ve ever tried to ship your merchandise to a different location, country or even – to the world´s end. Continue reading “Shipping and logistics”

Social Media Marketing Strategy

All actions taken on social media can be seen as a part of a larger social media marketing strategy. This means that every Tweet, answer, comment and like can be guided by a plan towards pre-determined goals. This may seem complicated, but if a comprehensive social media plan is created then the rest of social media efforts will naturally follow. The key is to approach this methodologically. Continue reading “Social Media Marketing Strategy”

Distribution Channels Analysis

A distribution channel can be seen as a section of the marketing pie. It is the way how a company disseminates its products or services to the clients.  Among distribution channels can be included the following structures such as e-shop websites, wholesalers, catalogue selling, consultants, direct selling over the phone, in person or both, dealers and retailers. The selected distribution channels can determine what the marketing strategy would be as they influence clients directly. Especially small businesses with restrained resources should always conduct a thorough analysis to verify which distribution channels are best suited for their clients. If it is difficult for customers to find a product of a given company then its distribution channels set-up can be viewed as ineffective Continue reading “Distribution Channels Analysis”

CE Certification

CE logo is the symbol that is shown on products sold on the EU market. This marking confirms compliance with EU safety, health and environmental requirements. The letters CE means “European Conformity” in French (Conformité Européenne).

CE marking is mandatory for certain products such as electrical devices, toys or medical devices.  In some cases the CE logo can be also accompanied by a four digit identification number of a notified body that conducted the conformity assessment procedure. Continue reading “CE Certification”