Your steps into The European Union

Customer Acquisition

If you are planning to enter the EU market, the right and accurate information can bring you a wealth of potential. By combining our analytical skills, knowledge of the EU context and ability to identify new trends, we are able to offer comprehensive databases, tailored to your individual needs. We connect you with new prospective customers and assist you to make smart, as well as informed decisions.



  • Our databases are accurate, reliable and tailored to your needs    
  • We convert information into valuable insights and answers
  • Our local expertise can help you to find more customers in EU markets
  • We see opportunities where others see challenges

FOCUS OF BROOKSTEP DATABASES - all businesses need to identify new target groups when they are entering new markets. We offer a wide spectrum of databases in general business fields such as:

  • Agriculture
  • Accountancy and taxation
  • Building industry
  • Education
  • Health
  • IT and communication industry
  • PR and marketing
  • Travel industry
  • Transport
  • State administration


DATABASE INFORMATION - depending on your preferences your database can vary in scale and depth. The BROOKSTEP standard database contains the following information:

  • Address and contact details (including contact verification)
  • Description of business activities
  • Economic situation
  • Credit information
  • Information on liquidation
  • In support of our call centre we can locate further information based on your specific requirements


BROOKSTEP SUPPORT WITH ESTABLISHING RELATIONSHIPS WITH YOUR NEW CUSTOMER - once you are clear on your target groups, the next step is to initiate a perspective relationship with your customer. Our professional team can assist with the following:

  • Establish targeted communication  
  • Arrange initial communication
  • Provide a complex business meeting services ranging from venue booking to interpretation



If you are looking for a proficient business meeting support then we have the solution. We have a team of professionals that can deliver outstanding support from start to finish. We can organise successful business meetings, telecoms and videoconferences even if attendees’ are based in different time zones and when language is a barrier; so you can concentrate your attention on getting the most out of your meeting.



  • We professionally approach today's fast moving business environment
  • We use innovative technology to make our meeting support as effective as possible
  • Our team is experienced, discreet and competent
  • We provide premium levels of service for competitive prices



  • Confirmation of the meeting schedule with the meeting attendees
  • Organising attendees’ accommodation and travel
  • Arranging appropriate venue/meeting room, including projector, markers, flip chart etc.
  • Organising telecom equipment (spider phone, skype, videoconferencing)
  • Arranging quality catering on request
  • Distributing the meeting agenda and other relevant documents (contact details, phone numbers and technical instructions)



  • Welcoming attendees at the reception
  • Writing meeting minutes
  • Technical support (projector set up, uploading presentation etc.)
  • Interpretation  
  • Providing any other useful information/assistance



  • Distributing the meeting minutes and other agreed documents
  • Processing invoices (venue, catering, etc.)
  • Organising the next meeting


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