Your steps into The European Union

EU Based Warehouse

Whether you need a small size, custom bonded or large warehouse with an office space, we can find the one for you, anywhere in the EU. You can concentrate on improving your core business, while we are organising the most suitable warehousing services in the EU, promptly and efficiently.



  • Always ready to offer local attention and services for competitive prices
  • Experienced with EU bureaucratic architecture along with having an extensive knowledge of EU trends
  • Our multi-lingual team is committed to providing an outstanding service
  • Characterised by reliability, professional and ethical codes


BROOKSTEP strives to accommodate any of your warehouse requirements, which can include:

  • Indoor as well as outdoor storage facilities
  • Comprehensive storage services, handling and preparation of materials
  • Custom software solutions for inventory control management
  • Complete handling of paperwork, issuing invoices and customs documents
  • 24/7 security and full CCTV coverage to safeguard your stock


A bonded warehouse is a building in which dutiable goods can be stored and manipulated without payment of duty.  It can be managed by the state or by private enterprise. The key benefits of a customs bonded warehousing facility are:

  • Allows deferment of payment of import duty and VAT for a considerably longer period of time
  • Significant cash flow benefit as duty and VAT can be deferrable until the goods are sold
  • Enables purchasing of goods in bulk when exchange rates are favourable
  • Provides importers flexibility as less cash is tied up in duties and taxes

BROOKSTEP offers tenant representation services to reach the most convenient terms of lease agreement, which can include:

  • Analysis of your contemporary requirements
  • Overview of properties matching your needs
  • Thorough bid analysis
  • List of available options
  • If required, acting on behalf of your company in lease negotiations
  • Provision of legal advice by our partner organisation




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