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If you do not have the time, expertise or enough resources to recruit your own employees, do not hesitate to approach us for outsourced recruitment services. We are a specialist provider of permanent or interim labour force and have expertise in different markets and industry areas. Working with us brings you an opportunity to approach new personnel. We carry on working on an assignment until a perfect candidate is found and appointed.


  • Permanent or interim labour force
  • Searching for suitable candidates
  • Pre-screening of suitable candidates according to requested criteria
  • Reference checking
  • Delivering full recruitment process - interview, testing (if appropriate), rejections and feedback
  • Payroll processing (personnel administration, timesheets collection, paying salaries)



When your company needs to hire someone just for a specific period of time and you do not want to go through the hiring process, you can ‘lease’ one of our temporary employees. The main advantage is limiting your payroll responsibilities, as we take on the burden of personnel administration. Also, there is no extra cost for wages and salaries as they are our employees; we pay them and then we only invoice you.



Saving your money is likely to be one of your key motivations.  Hiring our company to fulfill your staffing needs is what can help you to achieve this.



Knowing your company is an inevitable part of the recruiting process and we consider it to be a MUST. We start searching for the right candidate the minute we understand your company as well as the industry you operate in.



We not only do business with you, we value your company culture and your visions. It does not matter if you need our help only once; we value you as much as our permanent clients and the same care and attention to detail is provided. We focus on building strong relationships with our clients so that long-lasting partnerships can be established.



We strongly disagree with having any hidden costs.  Financial transparency is what we pride on. You pay only what is agreed. If you are not happy with a potential candidate, we renew the selection and you pay only once.


This time consuming part of accounting you can easily outsource with our company to save your time and resources. It does not matter if you have a few employees or a hundred, or if you wish to employ new ones; we can handle it to your satisfaction.



  • Registration with National Insurance, Finance and Health Authorities
  • Collecting and despatching weekly/monthly payslips
  • National Insurance Contributions and Income Tax payment
  • Net salaries payment




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