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Marketing of products and services is an inevitable part of any profitable business. We offer a wide range of analytical and creative marketing services that can help you to succeed and reach new markets. Traditional promotional strategies can only get you so far; therefore we come with innovative strategic approaches that will secure a robust customer base, founded on strong reputation and credibility.



  • We deliver meaningful insights into markets, economies and customer behaviour
  • We have an individual, consultative approach to each client and to each project
  • We deliver just those solutions that are the most efficient under the given circumstances
  • We design our strategies with an eye on your specific requirements and budget situation   


BROOKSTEP MARKETING SERVICES - we provide unique and informed marketing solutions that enable you to expand existing business relationships and take advantage of new market opportunities:


  • Market Research - our quantitative, qualitative and computer assisted research can provide strategic insight and lead to intelligent, market responsive decisions
  • Competitor Analysis - is an essential instrument that can help you to design more insightful marketing plans and strategies
  • Pricing Analysis - integrated examination of your pricing options and knowing how you compare to the competitor leads to more profitable decisions


CREATIVE MARKETING SERVICES IN EUROPE  - our services can sharpen your approach and highlight your business image:


  • Market Entry Strategy - enables identification and targets your best prospects to acquire new business opportunities
  • Brand Identity and Brand Support - the indispensable tool to ensure both brand recognition and loyalty
  • Distribution Channels Analysis - through our advanced analytical methods we can advise which channel is best to distribute through





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