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Shipping and Logistics

We understand global markets and always strive for the optimum level of reliability and control of the supply chain. We know that shipping and logistics is now a measure of competitiveness and we carefully plan and calculate to ensure that we meet our customers’ specific requirements. BROOKSTEP offers a full range of European shipping and logistics services.



  • Customers' personal needs and commercial goals are always carefully considered
  • Together with our strategic partners we can deliver any type or combination of shipping and logistic services
  • Our team is attentive, experienced and fully trained to high standards
  • We have the expertise to reach out to the EU markets on behalf of our customer


Through our strategic partnerships we can offer competitive distribution services anywhere in Europe. Our team can advise you on the most cost-effective ways of shipping, and the most convenient EU port of arrival.


  • Sea Freight is an excellent solution for transporting large volume goods over long distances to the EU market. We provide complex sea freight services as a cost-effective method of transportation for your goods.
  • Air Freight - we offer reliable services to all European destinations at competitive rates and cost requirements. Through our partners network we can also offer airfreight services from all global destinations.
  • Road Freight is an integrated part of our services. We provide comprehensive road transport for customers of all sizes across the EU. We can also organise road freight to and from outside of the EU, if requested.




  • Special Export Packing - we can recommend and arrange the best packaging materials and cartons to ensure your goods stay safe. Export packing can include palletisation, packing in wooden crates and container stuffing. 
  • Shipping Liability Insurance - we can arrange a wide range of flexible insurance coverage, comprising loss or damage during shipping and logistics operations.
  • Cross-docking Systems enables you to reduce storage volumes and the amount of deliveries to the end customer giving your company the competitive edge of just-in-time deliveries. We can arrange collection of deliveries from several suppliers and deliver to the end user at the time agreed.
  • Short-term Storage - we can arrange short-term warehouse storage in most of the EU countries, in customised storage areas.




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