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Outsourcing telemarketing services in the EU can save you money and give you time to specialise in doing what you are good at. A phone call is still considered to be the most successful means of remote, targeted communication. With our 24/7 telemarketing services we can fully cover almost any telemarketing requirement.




  • Cold Calling - contacting potential customers and introducing your company is a crucial part of doing business. Our professional cold calling services can attract new customers and increase your revenues.
  • Follow-up Calls - it is just the beginning when the first contact with your customer is made. Impressing by your knowledge, interest and gratitude in the follow-up call is the next strategic step. Being fast, responsive and informed is what we thrive on and you can use our expertise for your advantage.
  • Appointment Booking Services - the best results are still reached by face-to-face appointments. We can book all of your appointments effectively and in accordance with your time availability, so the dialogue with your potential customer can be taken to another level.




  • Customer Care - we can also look after your existing customers and smartly remind them your services and products on a regular basis.
  • Reception Line - if you need someone to answer the phone for you even after your business hours, but do not want to take on any extra staff, or do not want to overload your employees, BROOKSTEP can help.
  • Complaint Handling- sometimes things go wrong, and as much as you try, an unsatisfied customer occurs. Such situation gives you a possibility to transform wrong into good by handling the complaint professionally. Our team is experienced and can handle complaints efficiently to achieve the maximum satisfaction of your customer.
  • Order Lines - capturing a new purchase order, plus processing it quickly and correctly is vital.  Our experienced team can deliver this, including answering additional questions and accommodating other potential requirements.




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